2023: The Year Bayesian Broke Through

The origin story of Bayesian began in India over 10 years ago when my family tragically lost my nephew to Sepsis. Fast forward – I am back in India introducing my newborn son to that same family. I must confess to experiencing quite a bit of “circle of life” emotions.

So as I sit down to capture my thoughts on the state of clinical AI, specifically Bayesian’s role in making it the Care Team’s most trusted and indispensable technology, I do it from an unapologetically personal and contemplative point of view.

I had my final work trip of 2023 in late December.. It was a highly productive working session with leadership at one of the country’s preeminent Academic Health Systems. The right combination of C-level decision makers and clinical operators were present and highly engaged. The discussion strings were the right balance of the future potential and pressing issues that we can materially affect today. We dove deeply into integration, workflow and scientific proof. We left with tangible next steps and a clear roadmap to partnership.

But the most remarkable part of this meeting is that it’s not remarkable anymore. We are consistently engaging with Health Systems at a depth, breadth and urgency that just wasn’t there a year ago.  What was the tipping point? When did the conversations shift from the ethereal choice of administrative vs clinical AI to rolling up the sleeves and creating pragmatic operational AI roadmaps? And even more importantly than what and when, is why.

All the best, Suchi

Was it the growing acknowledgement that clinicians need actionable insights to deliver better care and help mitigate healthcare’s burning challenges?

Customer vision for impacting mortality and morbidity (University of Rochester Medicine’s presentation at ViVE)

FDA Breakthrough Designation – recognition for solutions with the potential to offer significant advantages over existing options for patients with life-threatening conditions

Live integrations with Epic and Cerner – Bayesian has launched bi-lateral integrations with the two prominent EMR platforms

Was it the Industry leadership in shaping governance for AI?

Founding Coalition for Health AI (CHAI)

National Academy of Medicine’s AI Code of Conduct steering committee

White House Executive Order

Whatever the alchemy of variables, I will forever look back at 2023 as the year that Bayesian broke through. Thank you to all of our partners and extended Bayesian family that have been part of this journey and have set us up for an incredible 2024!