Increasing Caregiver Capacity

Bayesian Health’s Adaptive AI platform leverages all of the data in the EHR, identifying key clinical insights from the myriad anomalies in the patient chart and bringing those to the clinician’s attention quickly to identify risk in real-time. The platform does not diagnose, rather it directs attention specifically to patients with declining trajectories. Clinicians are encouraged to interact with Bayesian and they do not feel pressure to always agree with it.


Bayesian’s award-winning AI platform “thinks” like a clinician, producing far higher accuracy than common tools. Our proven efficacy reduces false alerting rates while increasing lead time for a wide range of critical condition areas (sepsis, deterioration, pressure ulcers, etc.). Additionally, the solution automates chart abstraction and documentation of the note, further reducing the burden on your care and quality teams.


Higher PPV reduces false alerting rate while increasing lead-time


Automatic documentation of the note within the EMR


Automated chart abstraction to document provision of compliant care


The solution employs an alerting approach focused on delivering clinical insights within the EMR interface that are both easy to use and actionable. Bayesian focuses, first, on making it easy for clinicians to understand identified risks. The platform offers context for why a risk has been generated, engaging the provider to agree or disagree with the inference. Should the provider choose to intervene or not, the platform continues to learn from interaction, further refining the AI over time.


Bayesian’s solution is purpose-built to earn provider and caregiver trust through high model accuracy, ease-of-use, continuous process improvement and low false alerting rates. This trust in the application’s inferences and clinical insights have garnered a 90% adoption – a three to four times higher adoption rate than what is normally found in AI-driven applications.

Flexible, Streamlined Workflows

Bayesian Health’s adaptive AI runs continuously in the background, performing clinical-grade, software-based tests that produce highly accurate, actionable and contextualized alerts. These clinical signals are delivered at the bedside within prescriptive EMR workflows that are easy to use, configure and tune over time.

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