Groundbreaking Research on Bayesian Health’s AI Platform

On July 21st, 2022, Nature Medicine published three large, prospective multi-site cohort studies, conducted in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University, showing high provider adoption and associated sepsis mortality and morbidity reductions to the use of Bayesian Health’s AI-driven clinical decision support tool. These studies are one of the largest, most comprehensive and rigorous evaluations ever undertaken in the field of AI-driven clinical decision support for using multi-modal data to improve patient outcomes.

The below links provide up-to-date press coverage of this landmark event.


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Becker’s Hospital Review – Early warnings, few false alerts: What physicians want out of AI sepsis detection tools (08/11/22)


Signify Research – Early Warning for Sepsis from Bayesian Health – Advances of AI in Clinical Care Continue (09/08/22)


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AiThorityBayesian Health and Johns Hopkins University Announce Ground-Breaking Results With a Clinically Deployed Artificial Intelligence Platform (07/22/22)


New AtlasBedside AI warning system for sepsis reduces mortality by nearly 20% (07/21/22)


MedTech DiveJohns Hopkins sepsis alert tool reduced patient deaths, studies find (07/21/22)


FirstWord HealthTechBayesian says trio of studies bolsters case for AI to spot, treat sepsis (07/21/22)


Digital Health Business & Technology – AI can reduce sepsis-related deaths, study shows (07/22/22)


Inside Precision Medicine AI-Driven Clinical Sepsis Screening Approach Demonstrated to Save Lives (07/25/22)


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Politico: Digital Future Daily – Applied AI Feature (07/25/22)


HealthTech World – Groundbreaking results reveal AI can reduce sepsis deaths (07/25/22)

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